Table tennis is fun for everyone.  Young or old, male or female. Come along and join us!

Table tennis @ SVE
SVE is the largest table tennis club in the Netherlands and was founded in 1963. We have weekly lessons for all levels and all ages. If you like you can also join one of our competitive teams and play matches against other clubs in the regional or national league.

You can join our lessons 3 times for free to find out if SVE suits you. When you like playing table tennis at SVE, you can become a member of our club and play as much as you want. Your membership always lasts until the 30th of June. If you do not cancel the membership before the 30th of June, it will be automatically renewed for 12 months until 30 June of the next year. You can cancel your membership twice a year, per 1 January and 1 July. Upon cancelling your membership any fees paid in advanced will be reimbursed.

Every day (except Sunday) there is training at SVE. Our goal is that anyone can train at least twice a week under supervision of a certified trainer. For starters the Tuesday and Thursday evening are the most suitable. On Tuesday from 20.30h till 21.45h, on Thursday from 20.00h till 21.15h. More advanced players can join the lessons on Wednesday from 20.30h till 21.45h.

Look at our website for our full time schedule

Our memberships:

  • Senior member, incl. league eligibility: 221 euro*
  • Senior member, training only: 168 euro
  • Youth member, incl. league eligibility: 181 euro*
  • Youth member, training only: 146euro
  • 50+ (Wednesday afternoon, Monday- and Fridaymorning):  120 euro

The registration fee for new members is €5.

* Members who play in the league are obligated to wear a designated SVE shirt. You can buy it at the bar for 25 euro.

The membership fee is collected through Clubcollect. After becoming a member you will recieve an e-mail from Clubcollect, asking you to pay the fee owed. Upon becoming a member of our club you need to pay the membership fee proportionally up to the end of the season. The table tennis season runs from 1 July till 30 June. For example: if you become a training only senior member on 1 November, the fee owed is (8/12) x 148 = 99 euro.

When you recieve the e-mail from Clubcollect you can choose your preferred mather of payment. You can also choose to pay the fee in once or in installments. Payment in installments cost a little bit extra. Upon cancelling your membership any fees paid in advanced will be reimbursed.

Become a member

Fill out the form below if you have decided to become a member. Do you have any questions or need more information before becoming a member? Send an email to


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    Ron van der MaarelTable tennis at SVE